The Tainted Wars

Thousands of years in spiritual battle. Hundreds of demons hell-bent on destroying humanity. One reluctant hero rejecting his destiny. 

Former Army Ranger Christian Bateleur’s faith in people phoned home long ago. Only connecting to the world through random sports trivia and snarky Eighties movie quotes, he’s definitely rubbed the wrong way when his best friend tricks him into attending a cousin’s wedding. But he receives the shock of his life when the religious ceremony triggers latent powers, and he’s plunged into an ancient fight between good and evil. 

Approached by the cranky leader of a centuries-old organization, Christian refuses to join another bloody war. But when he’s attacked by the Tainted, he changes his mind and joins a team reluctantly relying on him to take on indestructible beings intent on mass destruction. 

Can this sarcastic cynic transform his major malfunction into the world’s best defense against darkness? Awakening is the first book in the rousing Tainted Wars supernatural thriller series. If you like action-packed adventures, laugh-out-loud film references, and thought-provoking escapism, then you’ll love W. J. Grupe, Jr.’s outrageous thrill-ride. 

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