The Tainted Wars

  • Awakening
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    • You know those days when you wake up and find out your long dead mother had supernatural powers you've just inherited, making you a soldier in secret war against ageless demigods. No? Maybe it's just me.

      I served eight years as an Army Ranger, which means I can disembowel a normal man with a popsicle stick. That training however does as much against the Tainted as my extensive knowledge of '80s movie lines or razor-sharp New York sarcasm. Oh, and I have no idea how to use the powers that were bestowed on me. Picture The Greatest American hero with better hair. So basically, I'm screwed.

      On the bright side, I teamed up with an eclectic bunch who are a cross between the United Nations and the Justice League. You know, the typical collection of old mentor, good friend, tech expert, and possible love interest. In these pages I've documented the events that unfolded right here in the Big Apple.

      If you like butt kicking action, supernatural battles, and random references to eighties movies, this may be the read you've been looking for. If not, then you really should reevaluate your life choices.

    • Status:Published

    • Pecentage:100%

  • Howie Johnson, Geek Detective
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    • This book answers the question of what happens when you team up James Bond and Sheldon Cooper? A thriller jam-packed with adventure, intrigue, romance and of course, a few laughs. Howie, a tech genius with multiple psychoses that keeps him from interacting with the outside world and a thirst for solving puzzles that cannot be sated, teams up with an ex-special ops leader to form the VGER Detective Agency. They take only the most complex and dangerous cases, where failure is never an option
    • Status:First Draft

    • Pecentage:75%

  • The Tainted Wars
  • Unworthy
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    • To Be created
    • Status:Final Draft

    • Pecentage:5%